Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile

Was driving across the country with my boyfriend haha

Four Years of Cal Poly

Fall 2010: “Welcome to Cal Poly.”
Winter 2011: “No Regrets.” 
Spring 2011: “Regret Everything.”
Fall 2011: “A Second Chance.”
Winter 2012: “The New Normal.”
Spring 2012 “A Chemical Tale of Area 52 - Question Everything.” 
Fall 2012: “A First time For everything”
Winter 2013: “The Committed Step”
Spring 2013: “Love is All I Got - Diva”
Fall 2013: “One-Eighty”
Winter 2014: “Wanderlust”
Spring 2014: “House of Strawberries”

Legend of Korra Book 3 in Spanish


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