Why Michigan? Why Soil Science?

If you could go back 4 years and visit me sitting in my room in Chula Vista and asked me these questions I would have not even come close to answering them because I didn’t know what the true meaning of either of these two items until Cal Poly Soil Science came into my life.

Sitting out in the field with Dr. Moody and my morph class of Fall 2011 it finally clicked in my head of what I wanted to do with my life. I always had the general idea that I wanted to be Earth Oriented but because of that woman, things have only become more clear. When I stare at a Soil Profile I see so much more than just simple horizons designating the layers of the soil. I really do feel that every profile has a story to tell, just like I do. Each profile is a recollection of the story of the Earth and her past and the transformations, translocations, additions, and losses that have been made over the millenia. With all the information I have learned, and will still learn, in my time as an undergraduate Soil Science student at Cal Poly I can now confidently say I know what I’m looking at. The USDA-NRCS classifications, the ever changing chemical processes, the microbial electron activity, each aspect is a chapter of the limitless book we call the Time of the Planet Earth. With that information, we can learn how to preserve, protect, and lengthen our lives as humans on this beautiful planet. I like to feel as if I am doing something useful for the future instead of just sitting and collecting money. Proactivity for our future as humans.

Sending out the resumes to the USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service was my way of trying to further my goal in this field. The organizational umbrella of the USDA is something that I have wanted to be a part of for sometime now. Last summer I learned that you cannot just limit yourself to one city, one state, one coast; in the United States the possibilities are limitless, you just have to be willing to live outside of what you’re used to! That is why when I applied to Michigan I had the intent of “If I get accepted I’m going.” It’s a whole nother part of the country, new time zone, new landscapes, and most importantly -> New soils to be seen. I don’t want to be just limited to the soils of the central coast of California, if I want to be the best person and soil scientist that I hope to be the horizons of my mind need to be expanded. I’ve already met new people, new colleagues, and have had so many new experiences and I have only been out of California for a week. 

My first day begins tomorrow, people have been saying that they hope I enjoy it. Even if I don’t, it’s Soil related: the soil is the great connector of all humans’ lives.

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